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TuneLink auto for iPhone (iPhones not included).

My iPhone loves my new TuneLink Auto FM Bluetooth device from NewPotatoTech. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I love how the TuneLink Auto works with my iPhone!

This amazing new TuneLink Auto device is $99 bucks, and works in conjunction with their free TuneLink iPhone app. The app then streams your iPhone’s audio via Bluetooth to the little dongle you plug into the cigarette lighter of your car (or whatever those things are called now). From there, the device itself streams the audio to your car’s fm stereo. If your car has an Auxiliary audio jack, it’ll go that route as well, and give you the best possible sound quality.

I had been using a few different Belkin TuneBase FM devices for the past few years. And, although the sound quality wasn’t great, it was better than the other iPhone FM transmitting devices that I had tried.

This TuneLink Auto unit gives far superior Stereo FM sound quality, to any of the Belkin devices I’ve ever used. It’s also MUCH better sound quality than whatever little fm device he had been using. Although the sound quality, via FM, isn’t perfect, it is surprisingly good. And it’s the first of any such device that would allow good enough sound quality that I could listen in Stereo. For the past few years, I’ve only been able to listen to FM transmitter devices in Mono. Of course, the quality of the FM signal that you could get with the TuneLink Auto unit, will depend much on the other FM radio signals in your area.

TuneLink Auto in car

Setting up and using this TuneLink Auto device and app is the easiest and quickest thing like this I’ve ever used. It also comes with a USB jack and a USB cord with iPhone charging plug at the other end, for when I don’t have enough iPhone battery power to be fully wireless for long.
You can even purchase the TuneLink Auto device from my Amazon affiliate store at MediaVoiceOvers.com/TuneLink
If you buy yourself a TuneLink Auto unit, please share your thoughts, as well as any useful tips, here. Thank you!
3/14/12 Update: It’s been over a year now, and I am STILL highly recommending the TuneLink Auto unit. My TuneLink is still working great, and is such an excellent time-saving convenience.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to hop back into my car, and listen to some more podcasts and audiobooks!