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Thank you for visiting Wayne Henderson: Media Voice-Overs. I am a non-union Voice Actor available to help you, your creative projects, and your business with all of your voice-over needs. Some of the benefits of my voice-over services include: 

Voice Acting for radio and television commercials
Voice-Overs for corporate videos
Voice-Overs for instructional and explainer videos, website audio
Podcasts as well as Podcast intros and/or outros
Narration/Audio books

Listen to my commercial voice-over demo and podcasts and see (or hear) how my voice might work for your business! I now have audiobook narration demos at ACX (The Audiobooks Exchange)!



Here is a collection of just a few of the voice-over podcast intros and outros that I have voiced for other podcasters. 



Play this to hear a sample of my recent audiobook narration work, which I did for Randy Otterbridge’s “Writing is a Jealous Lover”. 



I place an emphasis on being able to provide customers a quick turn-around on projects, and do all of the recording and mixing in my home studio. 

How does one describe their own voice? Well, that’s a tough one, but let me give it a shot. If the needs of your business include a male voice that is middle-aged in sound, capable of being soft and clear, with integrity, and remaining knowledgeable, then I can be that voice for your project. Please listen to my demos, and contact me for further details. Others have described my voice as “very resonate”. 

In addition, I currently produce four different podcasts. Please check out these shows for further examples of my voice acting abilities:

Packers Fan Podcast 

Castle Rock Zone – Stephen King Castle Rock fan podcast

Don’t Blink – Doctor Who podcast

Philip K. Dick – Electric Dreams podcast

Voice-Over Journey podcast


I also provide the parody movie trailers for every episode of:

The Hollywood Outsider’s Remake This Movie Right podcast 

I can also help produce intros and outros for your own podcasts, as well as being available to record your entire shows for you, and help you get them posted in iTunes. I would love to discuss the details with you on how I can help you. 

Once your project is finished, and you are happy with it, I will send you an invoice that you can pay with PayPal or credit card.



And, if you’d like to get your own custom URL and website, I use SiteGround.  Here is my SiteGround affiliate link, which I earn a small commission from.


Voice-Overs for Audiobooks - sample of Randy Otterbridge's "Writing is a Jealous Lover"

by Wayne Henderson