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FRiNGEcasting With Wayne and Dan #114 – FRiNGE S5 Ep#11 The Boy Must Live.
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Episode #114 of the FRiNGEcasting With Wayne And Dan online radio podcast:
> We discuss FRiNGE, season 5, episode 11 – “The Boy Must Live”.
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> FRiNGE Quote Of The Week from Scott Hertzog at the SciFi Diner Podcast.
> We share some more amazing listener feedback from the FRiNGEcasting Listener Community!
> FRiNGEcasting Listening Community Member, and frequent feedback contributor, has launched his own geek-focused site over at TheChristianGeek.net. Be SURE to check out his full FRiNGE and Once Upon A Time theories, and other great content!
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