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The Voice-Over Journey podcast, session #04 – Non-Traditional voiceovers, Media Kits and Professional Image, Listener Voicemail, and Patreon support.

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Session #04 of the Voice-Over Journey online radio talk show / podcast:
> Sharing thoughts about Non-Traditional voiceovers, Media Kits aka Press Kits and your Professional image, and
> Special thanks to VOJ Patreon supporters: Hank Davis from the TPE Network, Remi Lavictoire at the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, and Nick Seuberling from the Inside the Jungle podcast!
> You too can support the Voice-Over Journey show on Patreon.
> We also share a brilliant voicemail that came in from listener Emily, a fairly new voice actress, who shares her own journey.
> Order your own professional Media Kits from Hank Davis at and use my promo code of “Journey” to save 50% off at checkout!
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