Under The Dome Radio special Kevin Sizemore podcast episode #05, Wayne and Troy are honored to interview veteran actor, Kevin Sizemore, who plays Paul Randolph on Under The Dome! Kevin was so generous in this interview; answering all sorts of questions about Under The Dome, filming in Wilmington NC, as well as sharing some excellent stories about things he has been blessed to do, due to acting. Mr. Sizemore also shares great advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in acting!


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Projects that Kevin Sizemore discusses in this special interview on the Under The Dome Radio podcast:

* Kevin Sizemore’s official website.
* If you like Kevin Sizemore, and his character of Paul Randolph, please let CBS know how you feel! It’s important to the actors that the CBS network gets your feedback. See all Under The Dome character bios here.
* Kevin’s IMDB page.
* Useless Movie won Best Cinematography, Best Actor Kevin Sizemore.
* The 168 Film Festival.
* Red Line movie.
* Can I Get a Witness Protection? movie.
* Kevin is on Vine as KevinSizemore.
* Kevin Sizemore is also on Facebook and Twitter.
* Kevin will be joining That’s My Entertainment at San Diego Comic-Con this year.
* Watch the trailer for Kevin’s movie, Redline, or or purchase it, on Amazon here via our affiliate link.
* Look for Kevin on the USA Network’s Necessary Roughness on July 10th, 2013.

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