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Packers Fan Podcast #041

Packers Fan Podcast #041 – NFL Draft and 2013 Game Schedule special.

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Episode #041 of the Packers Fan Podcast, the show for the Packers Community:
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> Dallon and Wayne discuss how we feel our Packers did in the recent NFL Draft.
> Wayne and Dallon ask “What do you think the Packers’ record will be this season?”.
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Show notes – Packers Fan Podcast Episode #41, Draft and Off-season moves

Off-season moves.todo

  • Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews long-term deals
    • Retaining the biggest names on each side of the ball
    • Rodgers will spend his prime years in Green and Gold
  • Compare to the Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings roster moves
    • Hard moves, but necessary
    • It’s a business with a salary cap at the end of the day

      Donald Driver’s retirement.todo

    • The end of a great era
    • One of the greatest people, not just players, to ever play in Green Bay
    • A borderline Pro Football Hall of Famer
    • Hopefully, he stays involved with the organization in some way

      The draft.todo

    • Definitely a position-based draft
      • Key areas addressed – RB, OL, DL
      • Always a balance between drafting for need vs. best available
    • Could not have asked for a better first-round pick in Datone Jones
      • Immediate need – rush help on the other side of Clay Matthews
      • We’ll try again – last year didn’t work out so great. 🙂
    • Eddie Lacy in the 2nd round was a FANTASTIC pick
      • Dallon has emphasized the running game for two years now.
      • Add that to the

        The schedule.todo

        TV-related stuff.todo

  • Will DirecTV pull the plug on NFL Sunday Ticket?

    New Nike uniforms.todo

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