Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #079

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast


Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #080 – Wayne and Dallon and Troy share their thoughts on the Packers 2015 NFL Draft Picks and the upcoming 2015 Packers Game Schedule! Changes with the Packers Fan Podcast are announced.

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Episode #080 of your Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast, the show for the Packers Fan Community:
> Wayne and Dallon and Troy exchange viewpoints on how the Packers did in the recent 2015 NFL Draft.
> We also share our thoughts on the recently announced 2015 Game Schedule for our Green Bay Packers.
> Big changes coming to your Packers Fan Podcast.
> We send out deep and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Dallon Christensen for the fantastic work he has done here on the podcast for the past four years! The PFP wouldn’t be where it is today, without Dallon agreeing to host the show from the beginning. Please send your appreciation to Dallon, and continue to support his efforts on his internet sports network at
> Dallon’s sports talk network, QC Sports Net website,, which broadcasts area sports events from Dallon’s “Quad Cities” area!
> Please make welcome, Mr. Troy Heinritz (aka “Super Fan Troy”) to the Packers Fan Podcast! It’s exciting that Wayne’s good friend Troy has agreed to host the show with Wayne, and help it to continue on for the Packers Fan listening community. You can also hear Troy on the smash hit The Blacklist Exposed podcast, with Aaron Peterson, on the Golden Spiral Media network.
> Thanks to Mark Des Cotes, at, for the fantastic new album artwork logo for the Packers Fan Podcast!

The Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast is a proud member of the Podcast Network!

The Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast is a proud member of the Podcast Network!

> 2015 NFL Draft
Round 1: Damarious Randall (S)
Round 2: (CB) Quinten Rollins.
Round 3: Ty Montgomery (WR).
Round 4: Jake Ryan (LB).
Round 5: (QB) Brett Hundley.
Round 6a: Aaron Ripkowski (FB).
Round 6b: Christian Ringo (DE).
Round 6c: Kennard Backman (TE) (not yet on the twitters)
> Some Packers’ draft reviews:
Fox Sports
Yahoo – Hundley pick (Dallon going on record as LOVING the pick).
Bleacher Report
ESPN 1st round thumbs up/thumbs down
Summary of undrafted free agents
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