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TIWWH #76 by Wayne Henderson: Media Voice-Overs

Tuning In WIth Wayne Henderson podcast #076 – BlogWorld DWTS.
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Episode #076 of the TIWWH – Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast:

> This time around, I discuss the excitement about the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars, especially since one of the celebrities this season is the all-time leading wide receiver of the 13-time World Champion Green Bay Packers, Donald Driver.

> I also share the latest on my own Ballroom Dancing experiences.

> I play a promo for Rick Moyer‘s Take Him With You podcast.

> Even though it’s been a few months since I attended BlogWorld Los Angeles, and I originally thought it being too old of information, I still felt passionate about sharing the life-changing experiences I had during that first week of November, 2011.

> My whole BlogWorld Los Angeles experience was due to a generous gift from Cliff Ravenscraft, who wanted to pass on a bit of the blessings that he has received. What a fabulous experience! Thank you Cliff. You ARE the PodcastAnswerMan!

> I also had the pleasure of meeting up with a bunch of folks that I’ve been connected with online for a long time. Some of those (and please forgive me if I forgot to mention your name) long-time friends that I had the pleasure of meeting and/or hanging out with were Anne-Sophie Reinhardt at FightingAnorexia.com , Jeff Roney from the Once Upon A Time Fan Podcast , Karin Hogh at ThePodJournal.com , Tony DiLorenzo at OneExtraordinaryMarriage.com , and Gordon P. Firemark.

> In addition, it was great to meet some new folks, via connections with Cliff, like Dr. Soram from the Ask Dr. Soram podcast , Marc Hinch , Michael Boldin at Tenther Radio , and Daniel Hale at the DisGeek podcast.

> I’m also excited to announce that a couple of my recent Voice-Over projects. I am now “The Voice of the Once Upon A Time Fan Podcast and the Touch Fan Cast, dedicated to the FOX tv show Touch.

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> Thank you so much for listening!
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